NEP-1000BPH Semiautomatic Water Bottling Line
NEP-1600BPH Semiutomatic Water Bottling Line
NEP-2000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
NEP-4000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
NEP-6000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
NEP-8000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
Capacity Scale of Bottle: 250—2000ml;
Material: Preform, Cap, Raw Water, PVC Label, Roll PE film
云南11选5前3组Turnkey Water bottling plant for sale is a very economic completely bottling line for first start in this industry. It is working placidly,reliable,easy to operate and maintain have low failure rate. This bottled water production line can produce pure bottle water ,mineral bottled water,spring bottle water and other bottle drinks.

Bottle Making Machine
云南11选5前3组Heating the preform, then blowing the preform into plastic bottle according the bottle mold.

RO Water Purification
Removed all item of raw water like suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses,iron,manganese and else.

Water Filling Machine
Washing the plastic bottle, filler purified water into bottle and then capper.

Wrap Packing Machine
云南11选5前3组Wrap and shrinking 12/24bottles water into one bag with pe film