PE shrink flim

Wrap film, Packing bottled water film, PE film

云南11选5前3组shrink wrap film for the sale and transport of bottled water, and its main role is to secure, cover and protection of bottled water. shrink film must have a high puncture resistance, good contraction and the contraction stress. in the shrinking process, the film can not produce voids. because often suitable for outdoor shrink film, so the need to add uv anti-uv agents.

云南11选5前3组through wrap package machine, packing 6/12/24psc bottled water in one bag, then go through shrink tunnel which heating the pe film and the film will shrink and got the bag tight.

pe film is a very tough material, not easy to use ordinary plastic pulverizer. since pe film soft and tough, not easy to chop, let alone high speed cutting tools, high temperature, will melt ldpe adhered to the blade.

云南11选5前3组pe shrink film is widely used in wine, cans category, mineral water category, all kinds of beverages, cloth and other products of the whole collection of packaging, the product has good flexibility, impact resistance, tear strength, not damaged, not afraid tide, shrinkage large.